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La Qvarta Negre

8.14 €
Red wine
Peñin 89

The La Qvarta range reflects a local and Mediterranean style of wine, encompassing the essence of traditional grape varieties, the Catalan winemaking identity and culture. The pReserve of a singular plant heritage,...

Llàgrimes De Tardor Criança

7.11 €
Red wine

Llàgrimes de Tardor confers local wines with a wonderfully poetic brand, which is full of meanings, quality and identity. The production of the first Llàgrimes de Tardor in 1996, a crianza red, was a quantum leap in...

Plana D'En Fonoll Cabernet Sauvignon

5.37 €
Red wine

This family of wines provides an insight into less common vines and more international wine styles, while always maintaining the Mediterranean character that the local environment bestows on all the wines from the...

Castell D'Or Brut Orgànic

6.74 €
Sparkling wine

This organic cava is the result of the enlightened selection of the best grapes from the cava region, a long period of undisturbed storage and the meticulous preparation and coupage of the wine. The perfect cava for...

Cossetània Negre

4.73 €
Red wine

The Penedès area was inhabited and cultivated in the sixth century AC by an Iberian tribe called the Cossetans. This range of Cossetània wines is a tribute to millennia of agricultural tradition in the Penedès region.

Castell D'Or Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

6.39 €
Red wine

Organic wine made with grapes from vines grown without fertilisers or chemical pesticides, and with a stringent control of all the winemaking processes and phases. It also has certifications from the Catalan Council...


8.88 €
Red wine

Celler Batea's Vivertell is one of this winery's oldest brands. It was first produced in 1977 and originally made entirely with grapes from a farm in the village of Batea, to which it owes its name.


12.07 €
Red wine

The first vintage of the Montsec Astronómico was produced in 2018. "The attack of the Cabernet Franc was of excellent quality and we knew that it had to be given a special treatment", comments the winery. Coupage:...

Roureda Negre Cabernet Sauvignon

3.30 €
Red wine

The collection of single-varietal DO Tarragona Roureda wines was given a new lease of life both in terms of conception and overall image with the 2016 vintage. These red wines are renowned for their elegance and...

Vinyes de Poboleda

9.50 €
Red wine

Vinyes de Poboleda is an intense yet gentle Priorat, made with the best Garnacha and Cariñena grapes from the vineyards belonging to the members of the Cooperativa Agrícola de Poboleda, one of the flagship villages...

Perlat Syrah

8.18 €
Red wine
Peñin 89

Perlat is one of Cellers Unió's flagship wines, renowned for its structure and aromas. After the creation of the DO Montsant, Perlat was one of the first wines to appear under this designation of origin. Since the...

Cor Del País Criança

6.57 €
Red wine

Cor del País Crianza is a homage to the true essence of our country: our traditions, our land and, above all, our people. A fine and elegant DO Montsant, with delicate ageing notes, which showcases all the potential...

Lou Rouge

8.26 €
Red wine

Result of the partnership between the Cooperativa Falset-Marçà and the sommelier Eric Lahon. Made with grapes from the vineyards that Lahon bought in the DO Montsant. The idea is to showcase the maximum...

Somdinou Negre Criança

8.55 €
Red wine

Somdinou Tinto is a red wine made from nineteen specially selected old vines, which give the project its name. This is one of the most iconic wines from the Cooperativa Gandesa.

Somdinou Negre

5.54 €
Red wine

Somdinou evokes the origins of the Cooperativa Gandesa, built in 1919. The name reflects the fact that the members joined forces to build the key to the future. Wines influenced by the DO Terra Alta soils, using...

Duc De Foix Brut Nature

5.29 €
Sparkling wine

One of the outstanding cavas from the Covides premium range. With a strict selection of grapes and a longer ageing. A brut made from the classic trilogy of grapes, which give it freshness, lively acidity, a...

Terra Terrae Negre

5.91 €
Red wine

This wine has been produced and certified under organic farming requirements both in the vineyards and in the winery. It's the result of Covides' commitment to the land, sustainability and respect for nature and the...

Duc De Foix Cabernet Barrica

5.95 €
Red wine

The Duc de Foix range produces only young, single-varietal wines with a limited production. With an artisanal and meticulous winemaking process, this results in truly unique wines that are also bottled in tall...

Cava Portell Reserva Vintage

7.07 €
Sparkling wine

Cava made with wines from a single and exceptional vintage. Selection of the most suitable wines for the second fermentation in the bottle with a minimum ageing in stacks of 24 months.

La Cisqueta de Corbera tinto

5.79 €
Red wine

The area of Corbera is characterized by its old vines, a soil and a particular combination of winds that give each plot its own small microclimate. This is the red Cisqueta, a fantastic wine that condenses the Terra...

La Simó

13.22 €
Red wine

The Vinícola del Priorat describes this Grenache varietal as "a great tribute to farming". Harvested by hand, aged on fine lees, it is not only a round wine. It is a wine with a lot of fruit, minerality and the salty...

Lo Bonet

13.22 €
Red wine

A mineral wine, different, delicious, elegant and full of life. This is how we could define Lo Bonet, a 100% Carignan varietal that the Vinícola del Priorat celler produces with great care. Although there aren't many...

La Muntera

8.68 €
Red wine

La Muntera is an elegant, intense wine, very rich in aromas and full of nuances. The Celler de Corbera produces this monovarietal Carignan wine with a selection of grapes from old vines and an oak ageing between 12...

Primícia crianza

5.45 €
Red wine

Primicia is the brand that brings the best memories to the winery since it gave its name to its first bottled wine. This Primicia crianza is a tasty and powerful wine, but friendly and well balanced. A combination...

1919 tinto Joven bag in box 5 L

10.33 €
Red wine

Mil nou-cents dinou (1919) evokes the origins of the Gandesa Cooperative, built that same year. It is a young red wine marked by the quality of the DO Terra Alta and made with red grenache, carignan and syrah...

Casteller Negre bag in box 3 L

7.64 €
Red wine

Casteller Negre is a young wine made with black Grenache and Merlot from vineyards of the DO Catalunya. It is an informal wine with a pleasant and persistent final flavor that will encourage you to repeat. Presented...

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