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Rasim Vipansit Blanc

23.76 €
Peñin 92

Sweet white wine made from grapes dried in the shade on a bed of straw. Rasim is the name this grape was given in fourteenth-century Perpignan and is the origin of the words raïm, in Catalan, and raisin, in French....

Sol I Serena

18.18 €
Peñin 93

This dessert wine is the result of an attempt to recover a widely used ageing method on the other side of the Albera. One old barrel from the Solera de Garnacha de Espolla is selected and kept for more than a year in...

Puresa Vi Dolç Blanc Brisat

14.88 €

Pureza is the range of signature wines from the Cooperativa de Gandesa. Made with grapes from old vines with an age of over 50 years, with some reaching 80 years. Pureza expresses the utmost identification of the DO...

Puresa Vi Ranci

14.88 €

An exceptional rancid wine, made with lees over 50 years old and aged in the sun for 10 years. Pureza is the range of signature wines from the Cooperative Gandesa, made with grapes from old vines with an age of over...

Llàgrimes De Tardor Mistela Negra

10.33 €
Peñin 89

The surprising red mistela is the least known of these vins de liqueur. It's made with late harvest grapes, which are crushed and macerated with high purity aguardiente. It will revolutionise your palate!

Vi Ranci Cellers Unió

11.98 €

After intense work, a rancio wine has been made on a solera that can be considered a jewel of the last century (1928). For this, the winery has used a grape variety from very close to its heart: the Garnacha Blanca....

Vimblanc Cellers Unió

11.98 €

Vimblanc is a typical vin de liqueur from the Tarragona region and especially from the town of Vinebre in the Ribera de Ebro. It's a sweet white wine made with grapes of the Pansal variety (Xarel·lo) that are allowed...

Vi Ranci Dolç Somdinou

8.35 €
Sweet rancio wine
Peñin 91

Rancio wines are vins de liqueur which, far from going off or turning sour due to the effect of oxygen, turn rancid. What favours this positive oxidation is their high natural alcohol content and the high sugar...

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