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Buy Do Costers Del Segre White wine

Coop 1958 Blanc

4.88 €
White wine

The cooperative format stemmed from the need to join forces and work together to achieve bigger common goals and with more potential than individually. The label, the COOP 1958 brand, "speaks volumes about the...

V89 (Vallisbona 89)

23.76 €
White wine
Peñin 93

The winemaking adventure in Vallbona de les Monges began in 1989. V89 synthesises all these years of experience in the production of white wines. Made with the best Macabeo of the vintage and the aged in French oak...


17.44 €
White wine

Eixaders is the name of an abandoned village in the former barony of Vallbona de les Monges. Its name evokes the hoes that we still often use today to work the fields. In this specific case, Eixaders is also the...


15.50 €
White wine
Peñin 90

Missenyora, meaning 'my lady', was a term of address for the abbesses at Vallbona de les Monges monastery. The wine inspired by another wine formerly made in the area (vi bullit). It's also a single-varietal Macabeo,...

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