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Cossètània Gran Reserva Vintage
  • Cossètània Gran Reserva Vintage

Cossètània Gran Reserva Vintage

Type of wine
Sparkling wine
0.75 l
Xarel·lo, Parellada, Macabeu
Designation of origin
Do Cava

This Cava Great Reserve is the result of the enlightened selection of the best grapes from the cava region, a long period of undisturbed storage and the meticulous preparation and coupage of the wine. It will touch your soul.

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Technical sheet

Type of wine

Sparkling wine


0.75 l


Xarel·lo, Parellada, Macabeu

Designation of origin

Do Cava


Gran reserva

Style of Wine

Exquisite elegance




Contains sulphites



Straw colour with golden hues. Delicate bubbles that form a rosary and a lingering crown.


Aroma of long ageing followed by floral notes.


Balanced, smooth, delicate, well-structured on the palate and a great complexity.


A wonderful sparkling wine, well balanced and with a delicate and impressive bubble structure.

Serving temperature

Between 6 and 8 degrees

Pairing Notes

Ideal as an aperitif at any time, it also pairs perfectly with all kinds of fish, seafood, white and red meats, dishes with sauce, etc. Optimal for the entire meal.


Big words indeed. A Cava Great Reserve that has patiently spent at least 36 months in the bottle. Remember the phrase that goes 'this will make you cry'? Well, get ready to experience a special feeling on your palate that will also touch your soul. Sip slowly and savour the three years it has taken to be ready for this moment. In this case, gastronomy is important, but it's not the most important thing.

In the vineyard

The vineyards belonging to the different members of this cooperative who grow their grapes in the Conca de Barberà area. A product that embodies the legacy of families and their history.

In the winery

Second fermentation in the bottle, aged for a minimum of 36 months to develop its full potential and become a Cava Great Reserve.


Castell d'Or

Castell d'Or was created in 2006 after the union of a group of wineries from different winegrowing areas of the Penedès, Conca de Barberà, Priorat, Tarragona and Montsant.

These wineries, some dating back over a century, are committed to pooling their experience and expertise in the processes of producing, processing, packaging and distributing wines, cavas and oils, raising the quality of their products and brands until gaining recognition and prestige across the world. 

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This is much more than just a bottle of wine

Viniscoop's wines and cavas are authentic products of the land. They are made by agricultural cooperatives, which represent hundreds of farming families.

With your purchase you are promoting the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the territory, offering opportunities to young people in rural areas and enjoying authentic products, made following the tradition inherited for generations.

Our values ​​make us different. Cheers and good wine!

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