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Garbuix Origen

Type of wine
Rosé wine
0.75 l
garbuix de raïms i varietats blanques 99%, 1% de raïm negra
Designation of origin
Do Costers Del Segre

One of the central figures in this winery's range of rosés. Fresh, sensual, imaginative. Original and very elegant. One of those wines that creates addiction. A 100% natural wine.

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Technical sheet

Type of wine

Rosé wine


0.75 l


garbuix de raïms i varietats blanques 99%, 1% de raïm negra

Designation of origin

Do Costers Del Segre


Without crianza

Style of Wine

Estate rosé




Contains sulphites



Vivid deep purple-red colour.


Fresh, attractive nose with aromas of green apple and peach skin that subtly embrace a scent of roses.


The attack is light, silky and with undertones of fresh grass. Lingering afterTastinge.


This is our range specialised in rosés, with two conceptually very different styles, where respect for tradition coexists with state-of-the-art methods.

Serving temperature

Between 7 and 10 degrees

Pairing Notes

A decisively versatile concept: simple meals, soft cheeses, imaginative salads, pizzas, sushi, assorted tapas, etc. What's more, an excellent proposal to drink by the glass as an aperitif.


A wine for two occasions. One is paired with a whole host of dishes, while the other is by the glass as an aperitif, in the evening, as a sundowner, or at night accompanied by grape ice and a splash of lime.

In the vineyard

Vineyards with an average age of 38 years. Located in the subzone of Artesa de Segre, in the upper part of the DO Costers del Segre, north of the Noguera region and at the foot of the Sierra del Montsec.

In the winery

Inspired by the traditional way of doing things, when the wine would come from a mixture of varieties from the same vineyard. Made with state-of-the-art technology, respecting the original flavours. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts in the vineyard.


Celler Montsec Artesa

The Celler Montsec is a section of the Cooperativa de Artesa de Segre. At the beginning, and in keeping with local traditions, winemaking was the cooperative's main activity.

The transformations experienced by agriculture in the 1960s and 1970s meant that this crop was replaced by cereals, as they were less labour intensive and more compatible with livestock farming.

More information

Do Costers Del Segre

Do Costers Del Segre

The continental nature of this region, far from the sea, kept it off trading routes for centuries, resulting in wines with characteristic features.

It was the first place in Catalonia where the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay varieties were introduced, together with native varieties, and also where Californian winemaking techniques were adopted.

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This is much more than just a bottle of wine

Viniscoop's wines and cavas are authentic products of the land. They are made by agricultural cooperatives, which represent hundreds of farming families.

With your purchase you are promoting the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the territory, offering opportunities to young people in rural areas and enjoying authentic products, made following the tradition inherited for generations.

Our values ​​make us different. Cheers and good wine!

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