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Gran vi blanc | Style of Spani

Clos De Les Dòmines Blanc

9.09 €
White wine
Peñin 89

The Clos de Les Dòmines Blanco Barrica is a very special white wine, both for the method used and for the complexity of its coupage. A prime example of the white varieties from Empordà vineyards. The robustness of...


17.44 €
White wine

Eixaders is the name of an abandoned village in the former barony of Vallbona de les Monges. Its name evokes the hoes that we still often use today to work the fields. In this specific case, Eixaders is also the...

L'Esparver Blanc By Eric Lahon

20.66 €
White wine

Result of the partnership between the Cooperativa Falset-Marçà and the sommelier Eric Lahon. Made from the Garnacha Blanca vines that Lahon bought in the DO Montsant. The idea is to showcase the maximum...

Llicorella Blanc Pedro Ximenez

16.12 €
White wine
Peñin 91

The Llicorella Pedro Ximenez is a spectacular dry white wine known as the local wine of Poboleda. The DOC Priorat guarantees controls and monitoring during the harvest and during the winemaking process. The wine is...

Perlat Blanc

6.78 €
White wine
Peñin 89

This a fresh, elegant and aromatic white wine with a touch of wood. Perlat is one of Cellers Unió's flagship wines. Since the 2017 vintage, the winery has stepped up quality both in the wine and in its image, which...

Plana D'En Fonoll Chardonnay

5.66 €
White wine
Peñin 88

This family of wines provides an insight into less common vines and more international wine styles, while always maintaining the Mediterranean character that the local environment bestows on all the wines from the...

Somdinou Blanc Fermentat En Bóta

9.30 €
White wine
Peñin 91

Somdinou Blanco is a Garnacha Blanca wine made from nineteen specially selected old vines, which give the project its name. This is one of the most iconic wines from the Cooperativa Gandesa.

V89 (Vallisbona 89)

23.76 €
White wine
Peñin 93

The winemaking adventure in Vallbona de les Monges began in 1989. V89 synthesises all these years of experience in the production of white wines. Made with the best Macabeo of the vintage and the aged in French oak...

El Macià

13.22 €
White wine

This white wine DOC Priorat is a very exclusive white Grenache. Vinícola del Priorat celler bottles only about 1,000 bottles every year. It ferments in oak barrels and rests for about 10 months in bottle. A laborious...

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