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Blanc sec i afruitat | Style of Spani

Clot D'Encís Selecció Blanc

4.09 €
White wine

Exquisite expression of the most representative types and styles of the DO Terra Alta. They reflect the idyllic surrounding landscape and the location of the village of Bot, nestled between the ravines that drain...

Cossetània Blanc

4.73 €
White wine

The Penedès area was inhabited and cultivated in the sixth century AC by an Iberian tribe called the Cossetans. This range of Cossetània wines is a tribute to millennia of agricultural tradition in the Penedès region.

Castell D'Or Blanc Ecològic

4.73 €
White wine

Organic wine made with grapes from vines grown without fertilisers or chemical pesticides, and with a stringent control of all the winemaking processes and phases. It also has certifications from the Catalan Council...

Babalà Blanc Simpàtic

5.17 €
White wine
Peñin 86

The Babalà range of wines (white, red and rosé) are young, jazzy and very easy to drink, either by the glass or with light bites. Babalà seduces all kinds of palates and is all the rage, especially among young people.

Coop 1958 Blanc

4.88 €
White wine

The cooperative format stemmed from the need to join forces and work together to achieve bigger common goals and with more potential than individually. The label, the COOP 1958 brand, "speaks volumes about the...

Clos Del Pinell Garnatxa Blanca

4.92 €
White wine

The selection of Clos del Pinell wines has an exceptional advocate: the Garnacha from the Terra Alta. Young, still wines that provide the utmost expressiveness of this variety that has been so enthusiastically...

Mas Dels Mets Garnatxa Blanca

4.92 €
White wine

Mas dels Mets is a relaxed and informal wine brand, designed for you to enjoy the most iconic flavours of our territory: a simple (not basic) proposal. The first Mas dels Mets red came from the DO Montsant. Now, the...

Roua Mediterrània Ecològic Blanc

5.79 €
White wine

The Grupo Unió and its cooperatives work actively for the sustainable future of our countryside in the environmental, social and economic spheres. The production of organic wine is a small but essential part of this...

Somdinou Blanc

5.12 €
White wine

Somdinou evokes the origins of the Cooperativa Gandesa, built in 1919. The name reflects the fact that the members joined forces to build the key to the future. Wines influenced by the DO Terra Alta soils, using...

Lou Blanc

8.26 €
White wine

Result of the partnership between the Cooperativa Falset-Marçà and the sommelier Eric Lahon. Made from the Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo vines that Lahon bought in the DO Montsant. "The scarcity of white varieties in...

Terra Terrae Blanc

11.78 €
White wine

This wine has been produced and certified under organic farming requirements both in the vineyards and in the winery. It's the result of Covides' commitment to the land, sustainability and respect for nature and the...

Parabòlic Blanc

4.63 €
White wine
Peñin 87

The Tempus Vini range of wines showcases the values of young, fresh and bold wines. The idiosyncrasy of the soils and the height of the vines give them a very special personality. Very drinkable wines.

Les Sorts blanco

11.57 €
White wine
Peñin 88

A creamy and elegant white wine. It is made with white Grenache and aged for 6 months in French oak barrels. The wines of Celler Masroig are faithfull to the land where they are born. Grenache and Carignan are the...

L'Home Peix blanco

5.37 €
White wine

This is one of the star wines of Celler de Corbera, winner among others of the Vinari de Oro 2020 award. It is the only parellada 100% bottled in the DO Terra Alta. It is more complex and personal than we are used to...

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