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Cooperativa de Batea

  • Foundation year: 1987
  • Number of cooperative members: 214
  • Total vineyard area: 1500 ha.


The relationship of the Tierra Alta with wine comes from the Phoenicians, who set up trade routes with various geographical points across the Iberian Peninsula. And it was via the mouth of the River Ebro in the Mediterranean Sea that today's Batea, located less than fifty kilometres away, had its first contact with wine in the seventh century BC.

Production soon started of the wine carried by the Phoenicians for trading and reserved exclusively by locals for ceremonial rites. And over time it became one of the staples of what's now known as the Mediterranean diet.

In the late 1950s, a group of winegrowers from Batea, aware of the social and economic importance of winegrowing, decided pool their desires and resources to create Celler Batea. The 101 winegrowers that founded Celler Batea built the original facilities while cultivating the vines, culminating in 1961 with the production of the first vintage and the start of a highly renowned trajectory.

Profile of wines

Bodega Batea wines reflect the wine culture of the Tierra Alta by developing the potential of two varieties that are key to its history, the Garnacha Tinta and the Garnacha Blanca.

In the vast majority of its dry white wines, red wines and dessert wines, Garnacha Tinta and Garnacha Blanca play a vital role thanks to their great versatility and aptitude. The Macabeo variety is also used to complete the assemblage of some wines from the bodega.

Awards and accolades

  • Peñín Guide 2021: Primicia La Borruda: 87 points
  • Sin Blanco (organic): 87 points
  • Primicia fermented in acacia (organic): 88 points
  • Naturalis Mer Roble 2019 (organic): 89 points
  • Equinox Sweet White: 90 points


DO Terra Alta


18.10 €
Red wine
Peñin 90

Celler Batea's wines reflect the winegrowing culture of the land, with the Garnacha Tinta and Garnacha Blanca taking centre stage. In this case, L'Aube is inspired by the Bordeaux concept, blending the varieties...

Primícia crianza

5.45 €
Red wine

Primicia is the brand that brings the best memories to the winery since it gave its name to its first bottled wine. This Primicia crianza is a tasty and powerful wine, but friendly and well balanced. A combination...

Primícia Rosat Garnatxa Borruda

6.69 €
Rosé wine

Primicia is the brand that is firmly set in the winery's recent history, as it gave its name to our first bottled wine. A discovery of bottled Garnachas that soon made a name for itself on the market. In this case, a...


12.52 €
Red wine
Peñin 90

Tipicidad is a homage to the Garnacha Negra and Cariñena that have traditionally led the wine scene in our land, Terra Alta. Only in challenging environments do these two varieties give their all as a showcase of our...


8.88 €
Red wine

Celler Batea's Vivertell is one of this winery's oldest brands. It was first produced in 1977 and originally made entirely with grapes from a farm in the village of Batea, to which it owes its name.

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