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Vinícola del Priorat

  • Founding year: 1917
  • Nº cooperativists: 140
  • Total vinyeard area: 210 ha.


Located in the heart of Priorat, Vinícola del Priorat is the heir of the local cooperatives of the villages of Gratallops, el Lloar, Vilella Alta and Vilella Baixa, founded in 1917. 140 families are behind this project based on quality and professionalism, with more than 300 small plots growing in the constraints of these four villages.

The partners of the Vinícola keep alive the grow of the vine in an exceptional and privileged area, but also demanding. The territory consists of small farms with a low production per vine (about one kilo of grapes). The vineyards grow on llicorella slate soils, planted on terraces, with a slope that can exceed 30%.

Vinícola del Priorat has joined the new airs that have been running through the Priorat since the late twentieth century and follows the new trends in the production, promotion and marketing of its products, which reach the whole world.

Wine profile

The wines of Priorat are wines of great quality, exclusive and with prestige around the world. The quality is given by the climate and the characteristic soil of lilcorella slate. Low production vineyards bear small, aromatic fruits. The slow fermentations, the long macerations and the natural stabilizations allow the winery to produce wines of long life, complex, with a great structure and that are the living reflection of the diversity and quality of the grapes of its vineyards.

DO’s / Seals

DOC Priorat

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El Macià

13.22 €
White wine

This white wine DOC Priorat is a very exclusive white Grenache. Vinícola del Priorat celler bottles only about 1,000 bottles every year. It ferments in oak barrels and rests for about 10 months in bottle. A laborious...

Lo Bonet

13.22 €
Red wine

A mineral wine, different, delicious, elegant and full of life. This is how we could define Lo Bonet, a 100% Carignan varietal that the Vinícola del Priorat celler produces with great care. Although there aren't many...

La Simó

13.22 €
Red wine

The Vinícola del Priorat describes this Grenache varietal as "a great tribute to farming". Harvested by hand, aged on fine lees, it is not only a round wine. It is a wine with a lot of fruit, minerality and the salty...

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