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Vermut Or Del Camp
  • Vermut Or Del Camp

Vermut Or Del Camp

Type of wine
0.75 l
Designation of origin
Vermut De Reus

The fame of 'Vermut de Reus' is due to the many families who began to make vermouths in this city in the first half of the twentieth century, and who used the ports in the area to export it across world. Vermouth is still the quintessential aperitif in the city today. If you're looking for an authentic vermouth from Reus, here it is!

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Technical sheet

Type of wine



0.75 l

Designation of origin

Vermut De Reus


Without crianza

Style of Wine





Contains sulphites



Crisp and bright red vermouth with brick-red hues.


Intense and fresh aroma of oregano, mint and caramel.


Very fresh, crisp, great balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity. Lingering and pleasant afterTastinge.


The Vermut Or del Camp is made in keeping with the traditional production method. Its secret is a traditional formula that contains more than forty aromatic herbs.

Serving temperature

Between 6 and 8 degrees

Pairing Notes

The red Vermut Or del Camp is an ideal aperitif to drink chilled, with some olives and a slice of lemon. It can also be enjoyed neat or as a long drink according to the barista's imagination. What's more, it's a fanTastingic companion to savour with a wonderful assortment of tapas!


An excellent companion for a pre-lunch drink with a huge list of pairing suggestions. It's important to serve it chilled, but not frozen. You can even drink it cold from the fridge and without ice cubes. If you add ice, make sure it's of a good quality. Both ways are great, but the second one might help you better capture the aromatic herbs. We also recommend not using a tall, narrow glass. Better to use one with a wide mouth, as you'll notice the aromas better.

In the vineyard

In the winery

The aromatic herbs are cold macerated in wooden barrels for months to extract all the aromatic potential. This maceration is combined with white wine, sugar and caramel until achieving an exquisite and fresh vermouth that is ready to be served.


Cellers Unió

In 1942 the Union of Cooperatives of the Camp of the Province of Tarragona to Reus was constituted. The entity was created with the aim of bringing together all the farmers of the province.

Three years later, Unió acquired the first facilities on Tivoli Street in the city of Reus, popularly known as "La Exportadora". In 1945 the Priorat Designation of Origin was born. That year, Unió bottled its first bottle of DO Priorat wine. In 1963 the Union of Cooperatives of the Camp of the Province of Tarragona is separated from the State and becomes a private entity.

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Vermut De Reus

Vermut De Reus

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This is much more than just a bottle of wine

Viniscoop's wines and cavas are authentic products of the land. They are made by agricultural cooperatives, which represent hundreds of farming families.

With your purchase you are promoting the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the territory, offering opportunities to young people in rural areas and enjoying authentic products, made following the tradition inherited for generations.

Our values ​​make us different. Cheers and good wine!

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